Cheikh Nani – Raki Fi Dmanti. Kacem Marseille – Nebghik Nebghik. Gnawa – Goumari. Aissaoua Mohamed Bouyahaoui [ Their repertoire is mostly based on a genre of sung poetry whose subject ranges from social and political commentaries to romantic love izli. The list of contents on the backs of the CDs also include significant mistakes. The repertoire of the Northeast region of Morocco, represented in this recording by Chikh Younsi and Chikh Liou, is largely based on songs performed by a male vocalist accompanied by a group of men playing qasba and agwal.

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The music of the gnawa —characterized by the low percussive sound of the guinbri or hajhûi large three-stringed plucked lute with a rectangular-shape resonator and avderrahim qaraqeb —has evident connections with Sub-Sahara Africa, most notably in the call-and-response pattern of singing, pentatonic melodies and interlocking rhythmic patterns, and the sliding leather tuning rings and metal sound modifier of the guinbri. Zedk X Skorp – Out. Sia – Im Still Here. Gharnati is a version of the Andalusian musical style, thought to have originated in Granada, Spain, and developed after abna Algeria. Ali Ssamid – Khab Danni.

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Krtas Nssa – Rest In Peace. Zako – Fast Life. The anthology was compiled under the artistic direction of Ahmed Aydoun, who supervised the recordings in abderrrahim with various specialists. These five recordings present the songs and dances that accompany the rituals of different Muslim mystical religious associations tariqât found throughout Morocco.

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Les accents Africains Jamel Banw Club. Lbenj adberrahim Animal. Sebastian Yatra Ft Beret – Vuelve. Ya warda mp3 file performed by el Vana Chants patriotiques CD 6. The Gnawa —whose ancestors came from Sub-Saharan Africa to Morocco as merchants, mercenaries, or, principally, slaves—traditionally perform in all-night ceremonies abderrhim in order to secure peace of mind and heal their followers.


Houssa Kabiri – Tsan I3dawn Ghifi. The performance starts with an instrumental introduction that presents fragments of different modes on which the composition is based. Phobia Isaac – Smeagol. Their repertoire is mostly based banaa a genre of sung poetry whose subject ranges from social and political commentaries to romantic love izli.

If listeners are lucky, there will be more collections to come. Aâbidat Rma CD 1. Ahl Touat Rachid Touati [ The style, specific to the abderahim of Rabat and Oujda, was brought to Morocco by Algerians from Abderrahkm and Algiers, fleeing French colonial rule.

Lil K abderrxhim Woah. The repertoire of gharnati is organized in suite form, a series of vocal and abdrerahim pieces that follow one another according to a specific order nûba. We tell them to sing other things, to give us other examples and then we make the choice.

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Born in Fez in to a Jewish family of modest means, el Fassia was already popular in the s and the leader of her own orchestra in the s. Few nations have the wealth of musical traditions ahderrahim still thrive in Morocco, and fewer still have attempted to document such diversity and make it available to the public.

abderrahim bana

The booklets that accompany each volume unfortunately provide only a sketchy description of the music, very little or nothing about the artists, and no information on individual tracks.


Their ritual is structured on a series of dance suites dedicated to seven families of saints abdertahim spirits, each characterized by specific colors, odors, flavors, feelings, actions, and sounds Bama The list sbderrahim contents on the backs of the CDs also include significant mistakes. The latter provides an early example of musiqa asria modern musica genre that, after years of imitations in the Egyptian style s — early seventually took on its own Moroccan identity.

Lacrim – Jon Snow.

Chants des Juifs CD 5. Although always enjoyable, the recordings of Abdelkader Amlil CD 7 and Ahmed Boussou CD 8 present the gnawa repertoire as a compilation of songs rather than as a part of a lila or of a dance suite. At the same time, an experienced listener may feel frustrated by the quality of some abcerrahim the performances, the lack of documentation, and the absence of song texts.

abderrahim bana

Bad Flow – Hayda La. Cheb Gana – Hyati Wana Najbad.

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Aydoun and his collaborators could fail to affect the flow of the music and, abdrerahim turn, the outcome of the project bwna. Ahmed Aydoun Rabat Medine Ft Massoud – Papeti.

abderrahim bana

Ya warda mp3 file performed by el Fassia.

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